Keiser M3i Total Body Trainer

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M3i Total Body Trainer - Keiser's newest addition to the M Series Cardio Line, offering the same smooth Magnetic Resistance system as the M3i Indoor Cycle. Perfect for those seeking to obtain a concurrent, full body workout, or work the upper or lower body independently.

Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel | On Board M Series Computer | Easy Transport Wheels | Gravity Based Water Bottle Holder | Four-Way Adjustable Seat Position

The M Series Computer is a powerful teaching and programming tool. It can assist both the instructor and the participant by providing immediate feedback as well as the ability to track on-going improvement. The computer can be used as a motivating tool to engage participants in their workouts, as the more participants understand the components of a proper workout, the further they can fine tune their performance.

The M Series Computer displays:
1 - Backlight Sensor
2 - Cadence (RPM)
3 - Power Output (Watts/Kcal)
4 - Heart Rate (HR)
5 - Elapsed Time
6 - Current Gear (Resistance Level)
7 - Odometer / Trip Distance

The M Series Computer gives accurate and precise information instantly, and automatically. It will also display average ride calculations and total distance that has been put on the machine. The Trip Distance feature was initially intended to be used by gyms and facilities to record how much an M3i was used for a given time frame. The odometer does not reflect distance in terms of miles or kilometers, rather something in between. For every 200 turns of the crank arm the distance will reflect as 1.0 on the display. In the future, we may revise the computer's algorithm to display a more recognizable distance, which will also be influenced by a rider's pedaling effort or Power.


Technical Information:
Height: 52"

Width: 29"

Length: 48"

Weight: 110 lbs